Thursday, May 10, 2012

And then I met a weasel wearing an apron.

They were nice enough to post an arrow to direct me where to sit. It's totally legit. You can see it's shadow on the wall.
I just came across this picture from Jenny Lawson's book signing at the Blue Willow Bookshop in the Memorial area. I was not playing around...I got there super early and made sure I was right up front. Mission: Accomplished. I was hoping to get a picture with her, but Jenny, or her assistant, or Jenny's husband, Victor, forgot that she had a flight at 9 pm (to be honest, it was probably Victor) so they rushed us through the line. I did however get her to sign my book and the bookmark that I made while I was

This is Juanita...well a bookmark version of her. The real her is pictured below.

Property of and Jenny Lawson. I don't want her sending her army of taxidermied animals to eat my face and/or haunt my dreams.

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